Our aim is to host a range of events and activities which encourage people with various interests and abilities to engage with their Geopark – its unique landscapes, geology and stories and to attract visitors to this wonderful region.

The Geopark covers an extensive area, almost 20,000 hectares in size containing over 50 sites of natural, historical and cultural interest. Our Geopark Guides are crucial to the delivery of our events and activities programme and with their on-going support and assistance we can deliver truly diverse and engaging events and activities.

Unfortunately, the delivery of face-to-face activities has been slowed down this last year due to Covid-19, however for any up and coming activities keep an eye out on this page throughout the year.

Upcoming Events

Winter Solstice Walk at Cavan Burren Park

Winter Solstice Walk at Cavan Burren Park

19 DEC 2021, 12.00PM - 3.00PM

Visit the ancient sites of Cavan Burren Park and explore their solar alignments ...