As a UNESCO Geopark, we have a responsibility to preserve, develop and promote this beautiful landscape, which we have been entrusted with since 1985. From our initial opening, staff, locals and tourists alike have been actively involved and passionate about protecting this breathtaking space on our Earth. The landscape encompasses history, beauty and a geological triumph that should always be respected, valued and admired.

As a UNESCO Geopark, we are passionate about conservation and preservation of the site. We have a responsibility for improving, maintaining and celebrating the gift that is the Geopark for generations to come.

Protected Land

All of the sites within the Geopark are valued and work is consistently being undertaken to care for these important spaces. Some of these spots have further protection, as they are designated sites of both national and international importance. An example of this is Cuilcagh Mountain, which is designated as an area of “special scientific interest” (ASSI).  The site is also designated as an EU “special area of conservation” (SAC). This special area of conservation is an important upland area with a wide variety of interests, including habitats, species and geology and represents a diverse mosaic of habitats including wet and dry heath, limestone grassland and pavement. The Geopark is dedicated to preserving these sites within the Geopark, and beneath it, such as the Marble Arch Caves. This is due to their magnificent geological history and the vast array of fascinating species that call the Geopark their home.

The Geopark Code

Cuilcagh Lakelands Geopark also proudly advocates The Geopark Code, a simple guide to help us make a big difference. The Geopark Code gives us the power to preserve this beautiful landscape for future generations to enjoy.

  • PREPARATION IS KEY: The weather in the Geopark can change drastically from moment to moment, but if you come prepared, you’ll be ready for anything. Bring along something to eat and drink, some comfortable footwear and some warm, waterproof clothing.
  • TAKE YOUR LITTER HOME: Do your bit for the Geopark and leave behind only footprints! Litter not only looks unsightly, but can be consumed by wildlife and livestock. It can also find its way to our waterways, polluting and destroying the landscape.
  • KEEP TO THE TRAIL: Certain habitats are extremely sensitive to footsteps. By sticking to the trail, you can help maintain their beauty and preserve the geological heritage for the future. By sticking to the trail, you’ll also ensure that you are safe and protected from cliffs, uneven terrain and bog holes.
  • LEAVE WHAT YOU FIND: Many of the species and formations of the Geopark are rare, protected and important. It’s vital that the only thing you take home are pictures and wonderful memories.
  • RESPECT OTHERS: There are many people that work and live within the Geopark. It’s important that this shared space is one of respect for one another. Be the best kind of visitor and refrain from blocking gates, damaging fences and ensure to respect the livestock in the area.
  • MINIMISE FIRE RISK: Uncontrolled fires can cause extreme danger for the beautiful landscapes and the people and species that live within the Geopark. Ensure that you do not throw any cigarette ends away, as well as glass or plastic bottles, which can easily ignite. These landscapes have been formed over millions of years and it is vital they are kept safe and protected.

Conservation and Development

We are passionate about preserving history, so that our families, communities and future generations can reap the rewards of such a special and unique environment. This means that conservation and development of the Geopark is paramount to our mission. We have worked to care for, repair and maintain damaged peatlands, preserve the beautiful blanket bog and operated in partnership with local farmers to preserve lowland meadows and encourage eco-friendly farming techniques.

Guidance and Support

We work in conjunction with universities and scientists dedicated to researching the Geopark. This work allows us to constantly learn more about the site and consistently improve our conservation efforts. This also allows us to educate our team, particularly our guides – all experts in green tourism which ensures we provide visitors with a full understanding of how to help us care for the future of the Geopark.

Education is Key

Cuilcagh Lakelands Geopark has a responsibility to educate everyone – from our staff, volunteers, local communities, and visitors on the geological heritage, cultural significance and conservation needs of the landscape. This is vitally important for protecting the site, as it is the impact of a passionate and responsible community that really helps to make a difference. The Geopark proudly promotes the Leave No Trace approach to engaging with the site, allowing visitors to actively contribute to the maintenance and preservation of the landscape. After all, the Earth belongs to all of us, and we must work together. You can find out more about the Leave No Trace ethos at this website:


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